Cancellation Policy


Cancel anytime on a rolling monthly subscription. Want to re-join? Just sign back up for the monthly subscription again.

The Hardship Fund


We use 20% of our subscription income to help professional bass players in need. Covid-19 has shown us all how quick life can turn a professional musician’s world upside down. We aim to find a worthy course and payout monthly to help those in need. By being a paid member, you are automatically helping those who need assistance in hard times.


Who are BassGears 


A French-based company (Paris) that sell amazing special crafted basses. Unlike most retailer, this company offers you discounts on ALL products if you choose to help Luthiers. You simply pay between €1-€5 a month for discounts of 3%- 12%. You also automatically get entered into competitions to win a bass every month. For more information visit BassGears at


Who are Tribe Guitars


A MUST KNOW bass brand for any bass player. A stone’s throw away from the Italy border, situated in Switzerland resides this magnificent brand of top-quality basses. Find out more about these basses at


Are there annual or lifetime memberships available?


This is not currently available as our primary objective is to keep costs to a minimum for those on a tight budget. We want to keep things simples on a rolling pay monthly basis that allows you to cancel any time or sign-up again at a small monthly price.


How Did Learn Bass Daily Start


Mike Brockbanks is a professional bassist who decided a change was needed. Information overload is the enemy, there are too many websites out there that who offer a ridiculous amount of amazing content but, are lacking student focus. Mike wanted a platform that guides students and has that personal touch. This is why the core value and principle always remain the same here, every member gets their very own personal mentor. Direction and result’s focused learning is at the heart of learn bass daily. Join to get a digital student handbook, lesson guidance, mentorship calls and monthly practice plans, all of 9.99 USD a month.


How do I cancel


 Simply contact your bank and cancel your direct debit, drop us an email at and inform us so we don’t try to retake the direct debit. Must cancel at least 4 working days before your direct debit is due to be taken or we can’t guarantee your bank won’t try to take the payment.


What do you teach


We teach everything you need to know. Learn music theory in bite sized chunks and learn to put what you learn into your playing. We have lessons, live seminars, courses, masterclasses with guest appearances, lesson resources and your very own personal mentor to guide your learning. Sign up now and get a 30-day free trial.


I’m a total beginner, is this for me?


Yes, we have years of experience as professionals teaching total beginners. From playing your first note to mastering the fretboard, you’re in a safe pair of hands at Learn Bass Daily. 

What is the cost of membership


We charge $9.99 USD a month We are transparent and honest as to why we need to charge this amount:


Breakdown of monthly membership - $9.99


$2 - Our Busines Tax

$2 – Hardship Fund

$2 – Pre-Existing Business Costs

$2 - Investment into Business Growth

$1.99 – Our Wages


Why should I choose you


We understand there’s a lot of other bass education platforms out there. We want to ensure you that we provide the most personal and immersive bass education experience at such amazing value for money. There’s no other platform out there that can deliver such a focused and personalised structure as us, why? We have included an entire range of services for £9.99 USD. This includes a personal mentor, a range of lessons, live seminars, podcasts, lesson packs, courses, artist masterclasses and so much more. Find out for yourself why we are quickly growing in popularity and take advantage of a 30-day free trial.


Are there any incentives for me


Yes, not only does your personal mentor hold you accountable for reaching your goals, but they also reward you for hitting key achievements and milestones. The mentor works with you and has a range of options from awarded progress badges to nominating you as the student of the month. We will encourage you and reward you for your commitment and hard work to be a better bassist.


Tell me about the community


We have a very strong community spirit at Learn Bass Daily. Join us to access the members forum where you can meet and learn from your fellow bassists. See the incredible work your subscription does for musicians in need via the Hardship fund, submit your music to get on our Apple Music and Spotify playlists and much more. Take part, get recognised, win prizes and become a low-end tribe member at Learn Bass Daily. Still not sure if this is for you? Why not take advantage of our 30-day free trial.