Bringing you the finest handmade basses crafted by the best luthiers in the world. Get exclusive offers and gifts by helping us support luthiers and bringing more diversity to the world of basses!

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What we really love is beautifully handcrafted basses. Why do we love them so much? Because behind every gorgeous instrument, there is a luthier who took a lot of time to create a perfect and artistic instrument for your comfort.

At BassGears, we also think that everything is a cycle and that when a luthier craft an awesome bass, it will help bassists create awesome music too.

Each bassist is unique! So we think that each bass should be unique and in harmony with its « human ».

Diversity helps us improve and is the key to everything. That’s why we choose to promote only handcrafted luthier basses and not industrial ones. There are so many luthiers in the world working hard to create incredible basses with creative designs but it’s hard to discover their work.


Only industrial ones are promoted everywhere because they have a big marketing team and a lot of money.


And that’s unfair! Luthiers work more and harder to create better basses and nobody knows!





For those reasons, we think luthiers’ basses deserve to be more famous, more cherished, more affordable and our mission is to help luthiers be discovered by bassists.


This way, luthiers don’t have to handle marketing and have more time to do what they do best: craft gorgeous basses!

Luthiers and bass lovers are everywhere in the world, so we ship worldwide.

The Basses are sent from Paris, France or directly from the luthiers (Italia, Switzerland, China, USA, ...).

Because basses are handcrafted, it can take some time to be perfectly crafted, so if you need more information about us or a product, contact us on Messenger or

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With this goal, BassGears can

Support 1 luthier and give away 1 bass each month!

Why this initiative?

Luthiers are living a very difficult time because of the crisis of the COVID-19.
A French investigation, from the CSFI (a French organisation for instrument maker), reveals that out of 404 respondents, more than half have completely suspended their activity (55.2%) and 37.7% record a fall from 75 to 100% in their turnover.

We launch this initiative to allow luthiers to have a regular income and to be able to live from their passion.
If we don't do anything, we won't have any high-quality handmade basses in the future!

So, join the band now to get exclusive discounts and try to win a bass by supporting our partner luthiers! 

How does it work?

By joining the BassGears band, you help us support luthiers by creating a virtuous circle between bass lovers.

  1. Bassists subscribe to have exclusive discounts, have access to exclusive products, and be able to be drawn to receive gifts monthly.

  2. This allows BassGears to order basses from various luthiers every month.

  3. This allows our partner luthiers to have a regular income and therefore to have the cash to create more basses and to test new creative ideas.

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All the funds will go toward luthiers, so they can continue their activity and create basses that will be offered to some lucky subscribers.

The gifts will be announced at the beginning of the month and drawn at the end. The higher the number of subscribers, the more the luthiers can create basses, the more important the gifts will be and the more draws there will be.

What happens if the goal is not achieved?

If the goal is not achieved, there will still be a draw but the winner will win a prize in the same range price as the money raised or get a discount on the bass equals to the money raised.


What are the possible subscriptions?

Join the band and support luthiers

* For instance, 3% of 3000 is 90, so your subscription quickly pays for itself!
Also, prices are in € because of technical issues but all countries can participate and receive the gifts.

What happens if I win a bass that I don’t want?

If the bass you win is not to your taste, don’t worry you can select another bass we have in stock in the same range of price or order a custom bass from our partner luthiers.

How long am I engaged?

You can unsubscribe or subscribe again anytime you want to in your account settings. 

For instance, if you want to support luthier only one month, you can subscribe for the current month then unsubscribe. You will of course be drawn for the current month you paid for.


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, we understand! These are very financially uncertain times. You can still support us by...

 FOLLOWING us on Social Media to keep up-to-date with our progress! 

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 SHARING this project via the buttons below.


let's get the word out and meet our goal!

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Quality, reliable, beautiful, and inexpensive guitars.
Yes, inexpensive, because it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to play a good guitar, but you have to know what to choose.

Why Tribe?

In the WEB era, you can buy everything with a simple “click” and get your bass or guitar in few days.

Nice and comfortable, but then everything ends there!

The important thing for Tribe, however, is the human relationship and friendship, values that, thanks to the internet, are going to be lost.

This allows us to have a relationship with the musician, before, during, and after his purchase, because you are not a customer, but a friend with whom to establish a lasting relationship over time.

Finally, let me introduce "Tribe Independent Custom Shop” to the great news of the year!

With Tribe Independent configurator, you can customize your new Tribe Instrument with dozens of options.

Where you’ll see the "Independent" logo on the next pages, means that the customs form is available for that model.

Email us to get the form, choose your options and customize your Tribe!
In 3 months you will get your new instrument, handcrafted by our long experienced luthiers.

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